Listening to Voices Theatre Performance

Unique theatre from the lived experiences

Wesley Performing Arts Centre
17a Roberts Avenue, Horsham
Friday 23 June, 2017

(Performace is 1hr 20min followed by supper and discussion)

A dynamic and engaging presentation, "Listening to Voices" is a unique, courageous and honest live theatre performance that begins with the question:

"If someone would listen, really listen, what would you want to say?"

Listening to Voices is a heartfelt performance sharing the lived experience of voice hearing, human distress and trauma that seeks to shatter stubborn myths embedded in stigma surrounding diagnosis. This is innovative and creative theatre involving the courageous performances from ordinary people who know first-hand what it is like living with experiences labelled psychosis and schizophrenia.

A powerful and unique experience for the audiences. This form of theatre provides an intimate account unavailable in other mediums. Tough topics are balanced with humour and energy and audiences so far have been enthusiastically positive and passionate with their feedback.

"Amazing, Powerful, Connecting, Brave. You can change the world"

"Enlightening. Thankyou for sharing your pain, but also providing hope"

"Thank you for all of your strength to share and educate others. It was eye opening, inspiring, compassionate and honest."

"The most profound, moving, authentic & non simplistic artistic expression of the lived experience of mental health issues I have even been privileged to witness. Thank you!"

"Really inspiring! I wasn't expecting anything like this."


For more information, please contact:
Petra Hinch (Hearing Voices Regional Coordinator, Wimmera UnitingCare) 
(03) 53622 941
-or register your interest here 

Brought to you by Voices Vic, Gateway Health and Wimmera UnitingCare